• T-Boy's Seasoning is the perfect blend of plain seasonings, no extras added. It has just the right amount of salt, black pepper and red pepper. Use T-Boy's Seasoning on anything and everything. Add it before you cook (meats) or after you're finished coooking (french fries).You don't have to worry about extra additives changing the taste of your food.
  • This order comes with 3 lbs. of our Award Winning Boudin and 1 lb. Cooked/Seasoned Cracklins. The Microwave Pork Boudin is fully cooked. Just put the bag in the microwave for 6-8 minutes. Don't defrost or poke holes in it. Also, the Cracklins are cooked and seasoned for that delicious Cajun flavor!
  • Our Cooked Cracklins come in a 1 lb. order. They are fully cooked and seasoned with T-Boy's Seasoning. They are made with pork fat, pork meat and pork skin. We cook them until they are golden brown and full of flavor. This Cajun delight is a favorite of all Cajuns and goes well with our Award Winning Boudin.
  • Comes in a 4 lb. order.Our homemade Smoked Pork Sausage is made with fresh ground pork, salt, peppers and other spices. It is hardwood smoked to perfection, yet still juicy! We have a large selection of our Smoked Sausages to choose from.T-Boy's Cooking Hints: Our Smoked Sausages are great for the grill (dip in mustard or ketchup), gumbo, gravy (makes the best gravy ever!
  • Comes in a 3 lb. order.1. Bring water to a boil in a pot appropriate for the amount of boudin desired.2. Place uncooked & DEFROSTED boudin into boiling water.3. Return water to a boil.4. Boil boudin for 7 or 8 minutes or until firm to touch.5. Remove boudin from water and allow several minutes for cooling BEFORE cutting.
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