Shipping Policy

In order to give you great quality services, there are some very important rules for shipping perishable items. Please read through all of these rules before you make your order.

Because we freeze everything fresh, all orders placed BEFORE Thursday at 12 p.m. will be shipped on the following MONDAY. Orders placed AFTER Thursday at 12 p.m. will be shipped in 2 weeks. We need to have time to fix the order and freeze it fresh.

We use thick insulated coolers, an outer corrugated box and will put plenty of ice packs to make sure your frozen meat arrives in excellent condition. You must be home to accept your order. Please remember that these orders are perishable and will need to be delivered promptly. T-Boy's Boudin will not be responsible if you will not be home to accept your perishable meat orders. If you will not be home, you should give a business address. This way we can deliver your perishable products to you in a timely fashion and in excellent condition.

***We do not back stock our meats. We choose it right from our smokehouse cooler and freeze our meats FRESH and inspect every package before it is shipped out to you.

Products including Boudin are shipped frozen. If the package arrives within two days, the contents should still be mostly frozen. Products in the container for three or more days may show signs of tempering. The product must be placed in the freezer as soon as possible. If frost is on the outside of the product or if any of the products are partially frozen, then your product will be fine. We can't ship to P.O. boxes. We do ship to apartments, but you must be home to receive your products. UPS will drop it off at your apartment and if someone other than you picks it up, it will be your responsibility.

We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of every week (unless there is a holiday). So if you put an order in (for 2 Day Air Shipping) on a Wednesday or maybe on Friday, we will start counting the 2 Days on the following Monday. We cannot count from the day you put your order in.

***Shipping charges are different, depending on weight and distance.
***There is a handling fee from $13.00-$37.00 (depending on size of ice chest), which includes a reusable Styrofoam ice chest, ice packs, and labor.
***There is a 5% cancellation fee if you cancel your order after it has been placed.
***Prices are subject to change without notice.

Refund Policy


All perishable orders are final.

***UPS doesn't refund 2 Day Shipments or Ground Shipments. They will guarantee Next Day Shipping if there's no bad weather or not a wrong address. If UPS fails to deliver a Next Day (overnight) Shipment on time and the frozen foods are spoiled, we will refund the costs of the frozen products and the shipping costs.
T-Boy's Boudin will not replace shipments affected by circumstances beyond our control (weather, wrong address given, recipient moved, recipient not available or business closed when delivery is attempted). Please check the weather in your city before placing your order. Also double check your address (including Zip Code) to make sure there are no mistakes. You must have a business or street address because we do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

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