Important Please Read

We ship only on Mondays of every week (unless there is a holiday). So if you put an order in (for 2 Day Express shipping) on a Tuesday or maybe on Friday, we will start counting the 2 Days on Monday. We cannot count from the day you put your order in.

How much is the shipping?

The shipping costs goes according to how far away you are from Louisiana, the size of your box and how much it weighs. You can place your order, then put in your shipping address. Before you put in your credit card information , it should give you your shipping price. Your shopping cart will automatically configure it.

How do I cook Raw Boudin?

The Raw Boudin must be defrosted. Then put your water boiling. Once the water comes up to a boil, you can drop your defrosted Raw Boudin in and start counting 8-9 minutes. It will be HOT! Let it cool before you cut it.

How do I cook Microwave Boudin?

You can put our Microwave Boudin in the microwave, fully frozen, and don't poke any holes in it. Microwave the Boudin for 6-8 minutes. BAG WILL BE EXTREMELY HOT. So let the bag cool off in the microwave. Once cooled off, take Boudin out and cut into pieces. Enjoy!

How do I cook my Boudin on the BBQ Pit?

We like to take links that are already fully cooked. Let them get room temperature, then put the whole link on the pit for about 10-15 minutes in order for it to get some of the smoke. Do not put it directly over the heat or it will burn. Put it away from the heat and just let it get the smoke.

Can I boil my frozen Microwave Boudin in water?

Instead of cooking your Microwave Boudin in the microwave, you can cook it in boiling water. First, make sure that your Boudin is fully defrosted. Take it out of the bag. Place in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Since the Boudin is fully cooked already, you only want the water to refresh the rice. Take out the Boudin, with tongs, and let it cool before cutting.

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