Beef and Pork

  • Comes in a 4 lb. order.Our homemade Smoked Pork Sausage is made with fresh ground pork, salt, peppers and other spices. It is hardwood smoked to perfection, yet still juicy! We have a large selection of our Smoked Sausages to choose from.T-Boy's Cooking Hints: Our Smoked Sausages are great for the grill (dip in mustard or ketchup), gumbo, gravy (makes the best gravy ever!
  • Our Smoked Pork Tasso comes in a 4 lb. order. We smoke the most tender part of the pork boston butt with our own seasonings and special recipe, then we smoke it to perfection. You can use it in beans or use it in a rice and gravy. It adds just the right amount flavor of smoke to any meal.
  • TBoys Smoked Pork Pounce is stuffed with seasoned and smoked ground pork inside a clean pork stomach. This Cajun product can be the star of your next meal. TBoy uses his own blend of seasonings to flavor the pounce so that the meat is at its fullest flavor, without overpowering it with a lot of competing flavors yet giving your taste buds an explosion of Cajun goodness.
  • Weighs approx. 1 lb. per order and you will get 2 Quails. They are stuffed with pork ground meat, seasoned and wrapped in bacon.
  • Comes in a 3 1/2-4 lb order. Our Pork Rib Chop Roast comes fresh, right off the hog. It's seasoned and stuffed with TBoys Gravy and Steak Seasonings and garlic. You can put it in the oven or on the pit.
  • 4 lb. seasoned and Smoked rack of Smoked Pork Ribs are delicious! Finger licking good! Once you've clicked the "Order Here" button, you can choose cut or whole in the shopping cart.
  • Our Smoked Pork Ham Hocks are seasoned and smoked to add that great Cajun flavor to your meals.
  • Try our finger licking, T-Boy’s Smoked Sausage Combo Sampler to see which one you like the best. Then you can order in larger quantities according to your preference. Included in this sampler are: T-Boy’s Smoked Pork Sausage, T-Boy’s Smoked Garlic Sausage, T-Boy’s Smoked Jalapeno Sausage, and T-Boy’s Smoked Chicken Sausage.
  • Comes approx. in a 2 lb. order (2 Pork Chops per order). Our Stuffed Pork Chops are seasoned and stuffed with pork ground meat for that delicious flavor. Bake these in the oven for a quick and easy meal.
  • Comes in a 3 1/2-4 lb order. Our Smoked Pork Tasso Roast is a hand-selected part of the Boston Butt that T-Boy normally uses to make tasso strips. It is stuffed with T-Boy's famous pork meatballs, seasoned with T-Boy's Cajun Seasonings and secret ingredients; then it is smoked to perfection. Cook as a pot roast in the oven or on the stove until tender.
  • Our Stuffed Pork Turduckens are bursting with flavor from the turkey, duck, chicken and TBoys Gravy and Steak Seasonings. They are made with whole boneless turkey breasts, boneless duck breast and boneless chicken thighs. Our secret recipes of stuffing are what puts our Turduckens above the rest. Weighs approx.
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